Hey! So, as you may have heard, I'm currently working on a new-and-developed vehicle table that will either be put along with the vehicle table list, or will replace it. 

The experiment currently only contains GTA V's Vehicles, as it is the best place to start. As a user requested, the table contains names and images, as well as containing a brief description and Rockstar Social Club Statistics. The current table can be found here. The description's text is put in <small>  tags, to make each vehicle section smaller, again, making it easier to navigate.  The project is clearly only a project, and could be canceled, held back or completely scrapped at any given time. Since I have only covered 2 full vehicles classes in GTA V, the project will certainly take more than a year, unless someone is dedicated to help.

As always, drop a comment below for any suggestions, improvements or anything you think you agree with here. :)


Monk-VehicleTable-NewProject-Expansion Feature

To make it easier to navigate from one category to another, I have separated the vehicles into groups of 3 (there will be 7 groups in total). These tables are collapsed by default, and an "expand" feature allows viewers to open each designated table.


Once expanded, the viewer has the ability to order or sort the vehicles, according to the category of the vehicle, or the name (alphabetically in both cases). These can be sorted ascending or descending. Note that the Rockstar Social Club Statistics and Descriptions cannot be sorted. I was thinking of making them sortable according to their performance, but unfortunately, I don't think it would be possible. Drop a comment for any suggestions.


Here you can see highlighted the Rockstar Social Club statistics. These stats are taken directly from the Social Club, under the list of vehicles. Though they may not be the most accurate or realistic of the data given, they are completely Official, and can give a basic idea to the viewer, of what the vehicle will perform like (I suppose it would be pretty obvious for vehicles such as the Adder or Bus).

As well as that, Rockstar Social Club provides a colour-highlighted signal for any vehicle(s) which have the highest value in each class, for example, Rockstar Social Club gives a gold bar for the Adder's 'top speed' statistic, showing it is the fastest vehicle in-game. To make this clearer, I have provided a small trivial-alike description underneath the Statistic image, which makes it clearer what the Social Club gold-bar is actually telling us. Note that some cases show multiple vehicles share the highest of an individual value, for example, the 9F, Alpha, Banshee, Rapid GT, Sprunk Buffalo S and Surano all share the highest braking in the Sports Vehicle Class.