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New Year's Speech

It's that time of year again! I'm a guy who loves ranting on so bring it on.

This year has been a really, really, good year for me. I've had the pleasure of becoming Patroller and Admin this year, thanks to you guys. I must thank you all, congratulations to all staff. But, here are a few special users who I take to heart for their help this year.

  • Sam, for his diligence here. His contributions are excellent, and he's been extremely supportive with me over the past few months, due to recent and past events. He is a mature young man, who I respect, and is definitely this wiki's best admin.
  • Camilo, for his true respect and what has now become an extremely secure friendship. I trust him dearly, and his help to me, both off-site and on the Wiki, has been excellent. Very mature, but can also have a great laugh. I love him to bits.
  • Felipe, we haven't known each other for a great deal of time, but in such a short amount of time, we've become best friends, brothers in fact. He is extremely helpful, especially on my personal Wiki. He's also very caring and I put him first for everything. Very friendly person.
  • Andre, he might have left, and might have done such a terrible thing recently, but I will never forget the friendship we once had. Of course, I can say he's still a 'friend', but never what he once was before. I guess what he did recently has made me completely lose trust in him.
  • Myth, this little cheeky monkey is by far one of my good friends, one of my youngest friends too. He's a great laugh, contributions are slacking, however he's still a brilliant Patroller.
  • Konan, ever since we met, I knew this guy would become a successful user here, and damn was I right. Most mature person I have ever met, and knows when to laugh and when to be serious. We've had our disputes in the past, but now, he's a good friend I can put all my trust in.
  • Wild, of course, me and Wild had a rough ride at the beginning of this year, and late 2014, but I think we've settled it. After recent events taking snapshots of vehicles, and whatnot, I've secured our friendship and now I can say he's a great pal who's really helped me here.
  • Leo, again, at the beginning of the year, and late 2014, we had major disputes, but now, he's certainly a good friend. He's had his ups and downs recently (off-site), just like I have this year, but I really care about him, and he's a great guy. Glad to have him here.
  • Jamal, one of my best buds, we talk often, and he's a very caring, respectful, mature user, both on and off site. Very diligent, careful, and caring. Has a lot to say about relationships too, so he's a good friend.
  • Tom, Tom's an odd one - no, not "odd", but, I'm glad to say we've become so close as friends lately. I remember when he first messaged me on this sight, at the time he was Admin. He noticed I was in Leeds too, barely 8 miles away from him. We never talked much, but lately, we've come so far. Good, good friend.
  • Doc, shame he left recently, as he's a very, very useful editor. Very careful, mature, and a brilliant contribute here. He will always be remembered as the photographer, and I feel rotten to start replacing his vehicle images lately.
  • Marcus, yes, Marcus, very good friend. Very mature, useful, helpful and kind hearted. Good to have him here, for another year too.
  • Ricardo, I've left him last, not because he's the least important, but because I've saved the best till last here. TGTAS has come so far this year. I am VERY proud of him. His contributions are amazing, and he's always willing to help. Possibly THE most active user, alongside me, perhaps. I hope to see him stay on for another year.


Now, I'll show you some very odd and funny moments that occurred this year.

Well, that's it for another year. I hope to see you all next year, or whoever's remaining anyway. Thanks for making my position(s) possible! Happy New Year!! :)

Monk Talk 16:54, December 31, 2015 (UTC)

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