For some wonderful reasons, Wikia, sorry Fandom's wonderfully wonderful apps of popular wikis just aren't enough.

Number 1 - Links

Well, seems they got the layout sorted, well, we'll come onto that later, shame they didn't think so much about links.


Number 2 - Picture Loading

As if it wasn't painful enough downloading the app, it turns out pictures that are inserted as [[File: take 1 million years longer to load than regular galleries. Fantastic. Don't worry, we have some logic - 3 pictures in a row load into galleries automatically, and load instantly, so yep, it takes longer to load less pictures.


Number 3 - That thing called 'align'.

So now your wonderful pictures have loaded, why is it in a funny place?


Number 4 - Tabular Miracles

Good luck working out the fields of tables in templates. TURNS out the app loves templates, a lot.


Number 5 - 'Files are "Articles"'

'(Rear quarter view)'? 'See this image'? Don't even dare.