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  • Mortsnarg

    Wow! It's been a while since a post like this has been made! I've been slacking off a bit lately myself, so I figured I should start with a news blog post. So, the Lowriders: Custom Classics was released yesterday, and with it brought a few neat little trinkets into the game. 

    For vehicles, we got the Faction Custom Donk, a modified version of the Faction, the Custom Slamvan, a lowrider version of the Slamvan, and the Classic Virgo, a lowrider from Grand Theft Auto IV. As far as weapons go, there was a Double-Barrel Shotgun, and a Compact Rifle. There was also several new clothing items, that are various urban styles. 

    I personally really like it, and the Doubled-Barrel Shotgun, Classic Virgo and clothing are pretty great. 

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  • Mortsnarg

    Hi! So. I'm gonna assume the majority of people who read this have heard of the "GTA Youtubers" like DomisLive, MrBossFTW, iCrazyTeddy, Lispy Jimmy, Nought Point Four Live and so on, so I'm not gonna spend that much time explaing who they are; in short, they're people who find hackers, and ask them for upcoming DLC info to speculate about, or take someones fanart/trailer/map and make a video all about it, OR go to legit sources of info, and milk the shit out of it until it's literally impossible to do it any more. Well, good news everyone, some people are waking up to their bullshit!

    I've been preaching shit about these people for years, mainly because A. It creates a ton of unwarrented speculation, and in turn a bunch of raging 12 year old…

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  • Mortsnarg

    So earlier today (as I'm writing this) the Halloween "Surprise" for enhanced GTA Online was released. Most of the community saw this coming a mile away, what with all the leaks after the Lowrider update; but it's all still very satisfying. Here are some of the new features!:

    • The two new cars, the Lurcher (a hearse with the front of a Buccaneer, and a fake corpse in the back) and Franken Stange (a 4-seater hot rod). Both vehicles are pretty festive, and are nice references in name and design, to The Addams Family and The Munsters
    • The one breathtaking new weapon, that will change the way we look at GTA forever: a flashlight. The flashlight is, as the name says, a small, electric flashlight that can be used for finding... shit, I don't know, ghost…
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  • Mortsnarg

    GTAO DLC Colors

    October 18, 2015 by Mortsnarg

    So, as you all know, the GTA Online:Lowriders update is coming out, and there's something with the info box regarding it. The orange we used for it, is already occupied for the Social Club vehicles/weapons, so someone not familiar with the color schmeme may think that the Elegy is a Lowrider vehicle, and vice versa. I'm not familiar with the colors on the page, so some help would be appreciated for it. The color I think would work best for the update, would be a green/purple (Families/Ballas) color scheme; but that's just what I think. If you have any suggestions, please leave them below!

    I have some thoughts on some of the other colors on the page too, but it's pretty minor. Just some things to match with their specific themes (e.g. Heists…

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  • Mortsnarg

    Earlier today, Rockstar announced the release of new content for Grand Theft Auto Online, for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. The content featured in this update has been teased since early May of this year, and it's officially being released on September 15th, 2015. The official Newswire post can be found here, and the new content in this rad update are as follows: 

    • The (debatably) most hyped new feature for this update, is the introduction of the Rockstar Editor for 8th Generation consoles, with some new features (such as Snapmatic incorporation) for PC players who have already had access to it. 
    • The second coolest thing being added to the game, is the Freemode Events. Before I start on that specifically, the freemode game as we know it is…
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