Earlier today, Rockstar announced the release of new content for Grand Theft Auto Online, for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. The content featured in this update has been teased since early May of this year, and it's officially being released on September 15th, 2015. The official Newswire post can be found here, and the new content in this rad update are as follows: 

  • The (debatably) most hyped new feature for this update, is the introduction of the Rockstar Editor for 8th Generation consoles, with some new features (such as Snapmatic incorporation) for PC players who have already had access to it. 
  • The second coolest thing being added to the game, is the Freemode Events. Before I start on that specifically, the freemode game as we know it is getting changed, allowing for no menus, lobbies or loading times. Freemode Events can occur at any time in the open world, and much like the Free Roam of Grand Theft Auto IV, is customizable to the players liking, which I think is a great touch. The two Events mentioned are:
    • King of the Castle, a free for all where a player defends his or her turf, while avoiding other players planning on taking over; the entire mode in general reminds me of (obviously) the King of the Hill mode featured in most games of this caliber, as well as Land Grab, featured in Red Dead Redemption's Multiplayer
    • Hunt the Beast, an event in which players team up to take down a Teen Wolf-esque type beast with faster, stronger stats than any other character; who is actually just another player volunteering for the role. 


GTA Online Freemode Events Update Coming September 15th-001:19

GTA Online Freemode Events Update Coming September 15th-0

Overall, I'm pretty stoked to have this added to GTA Online, even without the addition of vehicles, weapons, and clothes. I've been looking to make jive videos on GTA, and with the Rockstar Editor being added to my system of choice, I think this is gonna be great! Leave what you think about this update down below!