So, as you all know, the GTA Online:Lowriders update is coming out, and there's something with the info box regarding it. The orange we used for it, is already occupied for the Social Club vehicles/weapons, so someone not familiar with the color schmeme may think that the Elegy is a Lowrider vehicle, and vice versa. I'm not familiar with the colors on the page, so some help would be appreciated for it. The color I think would work best for the update, would be a green/purple (Families/Ballas) color scheme; but that's just what I think. If you have any suggestions, please leave them below!

I have some thoughts on some of the other colors on the page too, but it's pretty minor. Just some things to match with their specific themes (e.g. Heists or Ill Gotten Gains having a green color, Flight School Update having a "sky blue" theme). But again, they're suggestions, and not really of importance in comparison to the Lowrider thing.