So earlier today (as I'm writing this) the Halloween "Surprise" for enhanced GTA Online was released. Most of the community saw this coming a mile away, what with all the leaks after the Lowrider update; but it's all still very satisfying. Here are some of the new features!:
  • The two new cars, the Lurcher (a hearse with the front of a Buccaneer, and a fake corpse in the back) and Franken Stange (a 4-seater hot rod). Both vehicles are pretty festive, and are nice references in name and design, to The Addams Family and The Munsters
  • The one breathtaking new weapon, that will change the way we look at GTA forever: a flashlight. The flashlight is, as the name says, a small, electric flashlight that can be used for finding... shit, I don't know, ghosts? It's an alright "weapon". 
  • New masks, face paint, and hood ornaments, all complimenting the best that horror has to offer. 
  • Slasher, a series of new Adversary Modes. This is one of the few times I was actually interested in an Adversary Modes, and also one of the few times I've actually been scared while playing GTA Online; I'd try 'em out if I were you. 

Anyhow, enjoy the new update. If you're on last-gen, the 360/PS3 can't handle any more major updates; so save yourself an angry rant to Rockstar, please. 

Original Newswire post can be found here.