Hi! So. I'm gonna assume the majority of people who read this have heard of the "GTA Youtubers" like DomisLive, MrBossFTW, iCrazyTeddy, Lispy Jimmy, Nought Point Four Live and so on, so I'm not gonna spend that much time explaing who they are; in short, they're people who find hackers, and ask them for upcoming DLC info to speculate about, or take someones fanart/trailer/map and make a video all about it, OR go to legit sources of info, and milk the shit out of it until it's literally impossible to do it any more. Well, good news everyone, some people are waking up to their bullshit!

I've been preaching shit about these people for years, mainly because A. It creates a ton of unwarrented speculation, and in turn a bunch of raging 12 year olds start screaming about how you're an idiot if you don't believe it, and B. It's become people's main source of news in the community, since they upload so much crap, and it makes their retarded videos EXTREMELY difficult to get away from on Youtube. It makes me happy now, that really good GTA Youtubers, like GTAMen, and Twitter personalities like GTANews, are showing these people for the ego/money driven asshats that they really are. The video is down below, here's hoping this shit stops sooner or later: 

"BioShock Is A Rockstar Game"01:38

"BioShock Is A Rockstar Game"