This shocked me when I first saw it. But, while I was reading a translated interview with Dan Houser about GTA V, the interviewer asked this question:


Questioner: "GTA V seems the most ambitious game Rockstar Games has ever made. Do you feel threatened by the arrival of big games that want to impose themselves as essential as the open world game?"

Dan Houser: "No, not at all. After GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption, we knew what direction we wanted to take. Questionning ourself is something innate in us, certainly not because the competition is more intense in recent years. We are more in competition with the games we've created than with the games from other publishers. We respect them and we still enjoy playing their games."

If you have doubts about this being true, just look at the page in the sources section.


[1] - if you dont understand the language, use google translated to help you or just look at this page below: [2]