I think ending's in gta games should be like this

  • GTA 3:

Helicpoter had just one Hit of weopen in my country it called "Bazuka" catalina have jumped to boat that was swimming around same with Claude he get mad chase with her from Shorside Vale to Portland beach (next leone gentelmen club)and then water that was probably full of chemichal's get in Claude way and rocks falling on whay but he jumped that before obstacle's block his way.Claude then try to shoot Catalina with shotgun but gues what?no more bullet's ;eft but one in her pistol she use it to steal another boat claude jump in it before swimming to open sea then it's geting trough whole city again he almost fall to water with head but Catalina not let him she kiss him and get him up later text appear "3 months after"showing same cutscene as in intro diffrent is that Claude driving car Catalina running out of bank with money bag and jump into car same Banshee next showing mansion in Cedar Grove where in room Claude open bag seeing bunch of money and say "we rich!we fuckin' rich"yeah he said some word's then showing those Credtis

  • Vice City:

Lance died by falling down from roof not from deadly bullet and Sonny well i'm sure that he would have great time at Liberty City Police Departament cell he got there ticket long time ago

  • San Andreas:

Tennpeny ends up being shooted by minor Vagos member for so long not paying back his owe's to leader

  • LCS:

Uncle Leone old body not needed so why did not blow him up?

  • VCS:

We all celabrate becose Louise is alive and badguys deadly beaten

  • GTA IV:

Niko meet's Darko Bravic in last mission and burn him to death...

  • GTA Chinatown Wars:

Uncle you gotta pay my father go to palace where he is i mean under him becose he's in heaven

  • GTA V:

those who don't like it's ending is bigest asshole's in history of GTA fans becose it's nice but Stroyline i've write better and i'm have no idea how to program!no it's cool just start kind of hard to understand why Michael wife cry if he's alive it can't be that he not merry her yet Trevor know's her and he don't met Michael after that first Prologue mission...