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Few Questions

i want ask you few questions about gta games here they are

  • do you realy like that Claude killed Catalina?
  • does Jonhsons famaly is like this: Sean(Sweet) CJ(Carl) Kendl and youngest Brian?
  • how much missions there are in Lost And Damned and The Ballad Of Gay Tony?
  • do you can swim in GTA VC PS2 version?
  • what is gta iv last mission is it roman wedding?
  • how does Episode from Liberty City work is it just like gta v you can anytime play as Johny or/and Luis
  • is gta 1(1997) and gta 2(1999)is for PS2 or for PS and PS1 only?
  • how old is Claude in 2001
  • how in earth Claude play in main role in GTA 2 and in GTA III somewhere (i'm not sure) but i think that rockstar have said that Claude last name is Speed huh huh...Need for Claude Speed :D
  • where i could download (if it possible) GTA 3 beta version
  • what is your 3 favorite charachters and 3 most annoyng charachters
  • what is your 4 favorite myths in Grand Theft Auto
  • what is your top 5 hardest missions in GTA

following are my answers few aren't answered becose i dont know it i hope you will answer yourselve at comments below:

  • no i dont like it!becose she was a crazy bitch but if she get Claude for 9 years then (ADULT HUMOR ALERT!)
  • i think so...
  • i think 20 and 29
  • yeah i think so
  • yes tottaly yes!
  • i don't know this one
  • i think yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
  • 27 in opinion
  • they just decided like this...
  • please answer


3rd is:                Tommy Vercety

2nd is:                Catalina Vialpando (i don't know her last name)

and my favorite is:           CLAUDE SPEED read whole blog its not gta 2 protaganist

honorible charachters:

Trevor Philliphs

Micheal Townley (De Santa)

Franklin Clinton

Kazuki Kasen

Big Smoke



Salvatore Leone

Niko Bellic

T-bone Mendez

Michelle Cannes

Steve Hains

Victor Vance

Carl Johnson

Asuka Kasen

Diego Mendez

3 Ballas who killed Beverly Johnson

Juan Garcia Cortez

Lance "Quintin" Vance

Rico R.I.P

El Burro (for his passion passion to B*****S)

Donald Love

Ricardo Diaz

Candy Suxxx

Tony Cippriani


Madd Dogg

Frank Tenpenny

Eddie Pulaski

Jimmy Hernandez

Tracey Townley (De Santa)

San Fierro Rifa

Lamar Davis

Darkel R.I.P


Kenji Kasen


Wu Zi Mu (Woozie)

Paulie Sindacco

Johny Sindacco

Sonny Forelli

Georgio Forelli

Ran Fa Li

Su Xi Mu

Jimmy Townley (De Santa)

Devin Weston



annoying bitches

3rd:                                       Romman Bellic

2nd:                                      Maria Latore (Slavatore)

and most annoying

OG LOC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hardest missions:

Bone Veyour!

Torreno Last Flight

The Third Way (DEATHWISH)

favorite myths:


Grove Street in GTA V

Abandoned Car(i think no one find it yet)

and finaly watch truth about the bigfoot i think i know what is that somebody else in woods but i will not tell you becose you will feel like bigest morons by don't seeing so obyous thing!!!!

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