so i think that GTA 6 is going to be realesed about umm...2015 years so here couple of things that can be added or removed from game:

-Only One Charachter Avieble

+action not in Vice City(Miami)not in Los Santos(Los Angles)it is in Tokyo

-Still no copyright but same cars as in GTA III

+as in san andreas you can purchase/get and combined and self choise clothes

+if cops is chasing you can hide in curch

+not lady stuff as cenzored F**K OUT or something like that

+realy scary easter stuff's not as peacful ghost of mout chilliad

+some old charachter's apeear like:Niko Bellic Tommy Verccety Antonio Cippriani most of all even if she need just money Catalina as girlfriend of Claude

      • NOTE*** i'm not from britania or america so don't judge me if i'm did very big mistakes in this blog.