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February 11, 2009
  • I live in Europe
  • I was born on November 11
  • My occupation is admin on ASW bureaucrat on IAHW
  • I am a guy
  • Owen1983

    car ideas for GTA 6

    May 29, 2015 by Owen1983
    • GrotTI Kyoto (Lamoghini Diablo)
    • Sundat 620 (Datsun 510)
    • Chevel Picador custom  (1977 Holden Sandman)
    • Ocolot XJ2200 (Jaguar XJ220)
    • Annis White Widow (Nissan Fairlady)
    • Vapid Eagle GT (Ford Falcon GT Coupe
    • Dalla Fastback (Lada Samara)
    • Vladivostosk Kolina (1986 Moskvich 2140
    • Willard Faction GLK (Buick GNX)
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  • Owen1983
    • ABBA : The eagle (1979)
    • Bronski Beat Small towb Boy
    • Cars whos gonna drive you home
    • Dill Dont stripe summer
    • Duran Duran dont say a preyer
    • ELO Mr Blue sky
    • FGTH two tribe
    • Genasis land of confusion
    • Jessie J Domino
    • Kino lato
    • Lucy forever
    • vanilla Smoothie Keep Dreaming
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  • Owen1983

    Money Glitch in GTA V

    December 30, 2013 by Owen1983

    I can't speak for other players,  but i was awarded $181 m by a modder for winning a race and I think its good becuseaq big cash payout  gets poeple to play more and I have really benefitted i have a nice apartment nuce jamjars so I am happy

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  • Owen1983

    Don't get me wrong GTA Online is awesome, apart then one thing and i speak for offer players when i say this, that when you have a shed load of ingame  cash (which I worked heard for) is that numerous players keep fraging me because i have lots of money and its really annoying when your doing a mission why do they o it because you wont acheive anything but rockstars anger for been a bad sport if you don't like people who have a lot of GTA $ your being very silly because some people are more successful then others its how the world works if you don't like it tough ABTW if you see a player with a nicer car or place don't frag them play nice or don't play at all

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  • Owen1983

    Time traval in GTAV

    September 19, 2013 by Owen1983

    the prologu this scene is set in the 80s becuse they used the 2nd gen esperante as cop cars so you could say this mission is set in the 80s right but wait the mobile phon is to modern and when they escape one of the characters said be cool they have'nt made this car yet

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