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February 11, 2009
  • I live in Europe
  • I was born on November 11
  • My occupation is admin on ASW bureaucrat on IAHW
  • I am a guy
  • Owen1983

    must be an in universe car that is in the game No real cars or made up cars

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  • Owen1983

    car ideas for GTA 6

    May 29, 2015 by Owen1983
    • GrotTI Kyoto (Lamoghini Diablo)
    • Sundat 620 (Datsun 510)
    • Chevel Picador custom  (1977 Holden Sandman)
    • Ocolot XJ2200 (Jaguar XJ220)
    • Annis White Widow (Nissan Fairlady)
    • Vapid Eagle GT (Ford Falcon GT Coupe
    • Dalla Fastback (Lada Samara)
    • Vladivostosk Kolina (1986 Moskvich 2140
    • Willard Faction GLK (Buick GNX)
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  • Owen1983
    • ABBA : The eagle (1979)
    • Bronski Beat Small towb Boy
    • Cars whos gonna drive you home
    • Dill Dont stripe summer
    • Duran Duran dont say a preyer
    • ELO Mr Blue sky
    • FGTH two tribe
    • Genasis land of confusion
    • Jessie J Domino
    • Kino lato
    • Lucy forever
    • vanilla Smoothie Keep Dreaming
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  • Owen1983

    Money Glitch in GTA V

    December 30, 2013 by Owen1983

    I can't speak for other players,  but i was awarded $181 m by a modder for winning a race and I think its good becuseaq big cash payout  gets poeple to play more and I have really benefitted i have a nice apartment nuce jamjars so I am happy

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  • Owen1983

    Don't get me wrong GTA Online is awesome, apart then one thing and i speak for offer players when i say this, that when you have a shed load of ingame  cash (which I worked heard for) is that numerous players keep fraging me because i have lots of money and its really annoying when your doing a mission why do they o it because you wont acheive anything but rockstars anger for been a bad sport if you don't like people who have a lot of GTA $ your being very silly because some people are more successful then others its how the world works if you don't like it tough ABTW if you see a player with a nicer car or place don't frag them play nice or don't play at all

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