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  • PerseusDude

    I love GTA IV, but I have always felt confined and limited in terms of exploration. GTA IV seems to focus more on the details of the city, and allows the layer to make choices during missions. But in GTA San Andreas, your character feels more personalized. From haircuts, clothing, body shape/size and weight. In GTA San Andreas, you were way less social than you are in GTA IV. GTA IV focuses more on the social aspect rather than the exploration aspect. GTA San Andreas was all about living the dream, buying as many houses as you can, personalizing your vehicles with rims/paintjobs,etc., exploring mountains/forests/deserts, discovering new things! Plus, GTA IV has a more modern touch, yet San Andreas feels more like a 90's gang vibe (which is…

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  • PerseusDude

    Obviously you've all seen both trailer 1 and 2 of GTA V. In both the trailers, there is a vehicle that closely resembles the Audi R8 Spyder.

    The name of this vehicle is the 9F. That's all the information i'll post for now. The car brand that it is made by has not yet been released. Only the name of the vehicle has been released. 9F Probably comes from the actual real-life name "R8".

    Also, in the 1st Trailer, if you see a Jeep-Style vehicle, that's a new Mesa.

    You're welcome*

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  • PerseusDude

    The Patriot, an all time GTA Classic, is one of the most powerful vehicles in the series. GTA IV: an engine that will get the car up to speed in less than 6 seconds!

    Great for police chases. You can knock down a NOOSE Enforcer with that thing!

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