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Leaked GTA V vehicle name

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I spent hours on my desktop last night. I was searching for leaked info about GTA V. I stumbled upon a website which gave me some information about vehicles in the HD Era (GTA V).

I will keep the name of the website undisclosed for now.

Obviously you've all seen both trailer 1 and 2 of GTA V. In both the trailers, there is a vehicle that closely resembles the Audi R8 Spyder.

Deceptor GTA IV

Deceptor in GTA V

The name of this vehicle is the Deceptor. That's all the information i'll post for now. The car brand that it is made by has not yet been released. Only the name of the vehicle has been released.



Greek- Root Word Latin "Dece" meaning "Betrayal".


To decieve- cause someone to believe an untruth.

I hope this isn't a spoiler for all you surprise-seeking gamers out there!

You're welcome*

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