It's been a week since GTA V's release and people have already found a massive amount of Cheats and Secrets/Easter Eggs for the game. We took a second to highlight some of our favorites here, but make sure to check out the full pages as well:

List of GTA V cheats

List of GTA V Secrets and Easter Eggs  

Alien in Ice

One of the very first secrets in the game is actually in the very first mission Prologue. Check under the bridge and you'll find a frozen creek containing a frozen alien. Luden alien


Well it finally happened, he's real, and there's proof. Naturally it's not a clear shot and, he vanishes after a few seconds, but that's definitely the big furry guy himself:
GTA 5 Easter Eggs - Bigfoot (GTA V)-002:05

GTA 5 Easter Eggs - Bigfoot (GTA V)-0


Secret Blacklight Map

Easily one of GTA V's cooler easter eggs, the Special Edition of GTA V included a different version of the regular worldmap that, when viewed under UV light, reveals secret markings and locations.



Probably the creepiest secret we've seen so far, this ghost will appear on the map between 23:00 and 0:00 near the top of Mt. Gordon. It's related to another character in the game, but in the interest of spoilers we'll let you figure it out for yourself. Warning: Spoilers after the 1:00 mark.

GTA 5 Easter Eggs - Secret Ghost! (GTA V)-003:23

GTA 5 Easter Eggs - Secret Ghost! (GTA V)-0


No Country For Old Men

In the desert surrounding the military base, you'll find the aftermath of a shootout. Head down the path to the left and you'll find a case filled with $25,000. Take the case and one of the survivors will call you a dead man before he dies. This scene closely mimics the opening of the 2007 film No Country For Old Men.

GTA V Easter Eggs, Glitches & Secrets 010 No Country For Old Men01:08

GTA V Easter Eggs, Glitches & Secrets 010 No Country For Old Men