GTA V is a huge game to be sure. The map is massive, the controls change depending on what you're doing, and a lot of commands are only briefly flashed during a mission. This makes it easy to miss out on a lot of the little stuff while you're tearing through the story mode.

With that in mind we made a short video detailing a few helpful things you may have missed while playing through GTA V. Have you found any helpful tips or secrets during your playthrough? If so let us know in the comments!

GTA V Tips & Tricks05:13

GTA V Tips & Tricks


  • Do a flip: Press B or Circle while jumping and your character will face plant. Do it from a height and you can perform a flip.
  • Free Parachute: There's a free parachute at the top of Mount Chiliad that can be obtained at any point in the game.
  • Pressing RB while on a BMX or Mountain Bike will allow you to perform a jump. The BMX naturally jumps much higher than the Mountain Bike.
  • While in/on a vehicle, select unarmed, then press LB/L1 to give people the bird.
  • Drinking a Sprunk is the fastest and cheapest way to refill your health.