Like all of you, we here at Wikia are foaming at the mouth to get our hands on GTAV. It’s only a few days until the game is out, so we figured we’d use some of that rabid energy to do something productive. We thought it would be fun for everyone to cook up their personal dream radio stations for GTA by making a ten song playlist on Spotify and then post them here. You can embed the playlist in the comments using a MediaWiki page, or just paste the HTTP link there.

There’s no real restrictions on what you can include, and having a theme isn't mandatory, so feel free to go nuts. In fact, GTA Wiki Admin Mikey Klebbitz had a pretty diverse playlist right from the start:

GTA Admin Mikey Klebbitz

The idea behind this list is that the first 3 songs are for Franklin, the second 3 are for Michael De Santa, and the last three are for Trevor Phillips. Song number ten is a bonus track. From rap, to country, to classical, Mikey K has his bases covered.

GTA Admin LS11sVaultBoy aka Tom

Random Junk FM

Tom picked some classic tracks, some serious, some funny. A smart move, because if you’re gonna have to listen to the same station over and over while playing, they better be quality songs. Though we’d have a hard time shaking the feeling we were being trolled every time Rick Astley’s famous "Never Gonna Give You Up" started playing.

Wikia Gaming's Michael Grimm


I went for a collection of loud fuzzy guitar rock songs that still hit hard. I was a big fan of the LCHC radio station and figured this would be a good West coast equivalent that captures the more laid back vibe of California.

Wikia Gaming's Raylan13

Went more for the old school edge: loud music, hyped up beats, and anything that really just made me feel like peeling out to fly through the city or take on the man.

Hope to see your playlists below!