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    GTA V Auto Anatomy

    September 18, 2013 by Pseudobread

    For a lot of car obsessed folks like myself and the hardworking editors of the GTA Wiki, GTA's vehicles are a big draw. The game's cars are fun for motorheads because they're very rarely totally original creations; most of them are based on one or more other real life vehicles. This give GTA/car fans an opportunity to flex their car design  knowledge against one another, and play spot the reference. Special thanks to GTA Wiki Admin JBanton and the other GTA car fans for all their hard work grabbing assets for the game's new cars and writing such in-depth descriptions!

    Here's some of our current favorites:

    A Grand Touring sports luxury car, the Khamelion is one of the game's more unique vehicles, pulling its design cues from almost 9 other ve…

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  • Pseudobread

    Hey folks!

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that we here at Wikia Gaming will be livestreaming GTA V on our Ustream page tomorrow (September 18th) at 11AM PST. 

    Note that this livestream will be as spoiler free as possible. We won't be doing any plot or side missions, and will instead be cruising around Los Santos, seeing the sights and probably running over a pedestrian or ten. We're also taking requests from the viewers in the chat, so join us on the stream and let us know what you want to see.

    See you tomorrow!

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  • Pseudobread

    Like all of you, we here at Wikia are foaming at the mouth to get our hands on GTAV. It’s only a few days until the game is out, so we figured we’d use some of that rabid energy to do something productive. We thought it would be fun for everyone to cook up their personal dream radio stations for GTA by making a ten song playlist on Spotify and then post them here. You can embed the playlist in the comments using a MediaWiki page, or just paste the HTTP link there.

    There’s no real restrictions on what you can include, and having a theme isn't mandatory, so feel free to go nuts. In fact, GTA Wiki Admin Mikey Klebbitz had a pretty diverse playlist right from the start:

    Went more for the old school edge: loud music, hyped up beats, and anything …

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  • Pseudobread

    Hey there GTA fans!

    Wikia is running a fun little competition about fantasy foods and we're looking for users to suggest food items from their favorite video games, movies, or books for the competition. For example: Sprunk! Once we've got all the candidates sorted, the winners will be voted on by the community to see whose cuisine reigns supreme! You can check it out for yourself here:


    Michael 20:59, August 14, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Pseudobread

    GTA IV Mod Videos

    June 28, 2013 by Pseudobread

    It's a testament to people's dedication to GTA that even now, nearly five years after its arrival, people are still creating modifications for the game. As people have gotten more and more talented with working in the game's engine the mods have gotten more and more extreme. Check out some of these fantastic and silly creations made by some of the talented members of the GTA IV modding community:

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