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    So I've been using the GTA V Save Editor to spawn vehicles etc. in Story Mode, but I haven't been able to spawn a Cargo Plane in any of the character's vehicle spawn points, the only way I think is using the "Current Vehicle" spawn point, but I need to know what Location Point to change:

    Location X

    Location Y

    Location Z


    Please could somebody help me, thank you in advance and I would appreciate it.

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    Ideas on New Vehicles?

    December 13, 2014 by QSchoolboyx3

    Yeah, so I was wondering what new vehicles the community would like to be added.

    This includes vehicles you would like to return.

    So, what sort of vehicles do you think should be added?

    The vehicles can be based on any GTA vehicles such as police vehicles made civilian etc. or anything else, maybe for different uses (liveries, colours, accessories etc.) And new ones. You can add an in-game name to them too if you wish. . Just bold the name, if you can't think of one, just write "Undecided" in bold. Also write what type of vehicle it is (car, plane etc.). 'Add a description if you wish.

    I will add Hyperlinks at some point.

    You can include beta vehicles.

    • Ford Taurus: Police Interceptor civilian based version. Undecided.

    • BMW Cross Country: cross bik…

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    GTA V Heists

    November 14, 2014 by QSchoolboyx3

    Just recently, Rockstar posted onto their Newswire information about the Next Generation of GTA V. With this, they discussed some of the key features such as 30-player lobbies, an upgraded Creator Tool for levels, 1st Person Mode and a new character creator.

    Among the news, Rockstar revealed that the Online Heists update will be released soon after the Next Generation GTA V. 

    To view more details, visit this page:

    Getting Ready for the Next Generation in Los Santos | Rockstar Games

    What are your opinions? I'm happy about this because it will add new features as well as much more gameplay overall, as well as that, people will finally stop complaining about the Heists update.

    (Not related, but one of the songs on Radio Los Santos on Next-Gen, I'v…

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