Just recently, Rockstar posted onto their Newswire information about the Next Generation of GTA V. With this, they discussed some of the key features such as 30-player lobbies, an upgraded Creator Tool for levels, 1st Person Mode and a new character creator.

Among the news, Rockstar revealed that the Online Heists update will be released soon after the Next Generation GTA V. 

To view more details, visit this page:

Getting Ready for the Next Generation in Los Santos | Rockstar Games

What are your opinions? I'm happy about this because it will add new features as well as much more gameplay overall, as well as that, people will finally stop complaining about the Heists update.

(Not related, but one of the songs on Radio Los Santos on Next-Gen, I've listened to many times and thought it should be in GTA V and it is! Bugatti by Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross. Yay, it's a great song.)