This is not a secret that Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most hyped and anticipated games of this generation. A game which is set to break records and define the meaning of "gaming". (Yeah, suck it, Call of Duty!) *No offence intended, well maybe just a little...*

Hideo Kojima is the legendary game developer who introduced the world to his epic stealth-action Metal Gear games (who defined the "stealth", as well as making one of the most interesting plots in the history of gaming. To get a compliment from this person is a one-of-kind achievement that any developer in would like to get, and apparently our beloved Rockstar Games received that kind of award.

However, Kojima seems to be "depressed" (in his word) due to this. If you guys don't know, Kojima is currently working on the next chapter of Metal Gear: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which is set to show a "new breed of stealth" gameplay.

"GTA V" new trailer was awesome! This free control is future of the game, way higher than anywhere, makes me depress as matter fact.

Kojima really enjoyed the Gameplay Trailer of GTAV, praising the free control as the "future of gaming", and that it will be "higher than anywhere". However, he stated that it made him depressed.

I don't think our "V" can reach that level. Rockstar's team are the best. W/o question they will pull up the possibility of game.

He's afraid that their "V" won't be as the same level as GTA V (but in my eyes, both games are worth to be called "masterpiece"). He continues praising Rockstar, calling their team "the best".

This is not the first time MGS and GTA are released "back to back" (if I may say it). Back in 2001, GTAIII was released alongside Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (both which are fucking awesome). Then in 2004 we had San Andreas and MGS3: Sanke Eater (the latter which is on my top 5 plots in gaming). In 2006, we even had two PSP titles, one for GTA, and one for MGS. And we can't forget 2008, where we had two mega AAA games, GTAIV and MGS4: Guns of Patriots.

So guys, what do you think, which game will top who?

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain E305:52

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain E3

MGSV's trailer. Red Dead Solid?

Grand Theft Auto V Official Gameplay Video04:50

Grand Theft Auto V Official Gameplay Video

GTA V's Gameplay trailer.

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