Hello there, criminals, arm & drug dealers, mob bosses and corrupted police officers.

As you all know, GTA V will be released in a few days, and reviewers already begin to test the game. It appears IGN will be the first to review; actually, they wrote an article that they will review it one day prior to it release.

On this wiki, the one n' only The Milkboy, err I mean Milkman (:P), will review GTA V, so expect a well-writen and detailed blog post. Not for people with weak heart.

I'll also make a review. I did an unrelated BSI review, after all.

And to the second subject: as you all know, GTA4 is the highest rated video game of the current generation (98/100 on Metacritic). So, do you think GTAV has what it takes to beat this ridiculously high score, or will it fall short as a disappointment for us all?