Rockstar Games has finally released three more screenshots of its upcoming crime & sandbox game, GTA V.

The first screenshot shows us a jet. This jet is possibly a Hydra. Notice, it is a new model, and it will be possibly a new jet with a different name. It is also heavily armed with missles and miniguns. You can also see the "old guy" who is rumored to be the game's protagonist. Another hint?

The second screenshot shows us an ol' classic sports car from previous titles: the Cheetah (not Cheeta). Unlike previous versions of the Cheetah, that were based on the Ferrari, but this time, the car has bigger wheels and looks more like a muscle car.

The last screenshot is set in Santa Monica Park (Santa Maria Beach in GTA SA). You can clearly see a rider on what appears to be a race bike. Is that a hint that bikes will return? Yes it is!


GTA 5 - Screenshots Analysis (August 20, 2012) Part 2

GTA 5 - Screenshots Analysis (August 20, 2012) Part 2

Rockstar also stated "more in this week."

Thanks once again for Dodo8 for uploading the images.