This blog holds almost everything we know about Rockstar Games's Grand Theft Auto V so far.


  • For the first time, a GTA game would let you play as three different characters: Michael, Trevor Phillips, and Franklin.
  • Each protagonist has his own story, although all three stories are combined in some points. Missions will sometimes include all three protagonists, and sometimes only one or two.
  • Story is set in modern day Los Santos and its surroundings. The game's setting is said to be bigger than GTA SA, GTA4 and RDR combined.
  • Michael is a retired bank robber known for being highly successful. After making a deal with the FIB (the game's FBI; aka "fibs"), he moves alongside his family to Los Santos, where he purchased a large mansion in one of the city's richest areas.
  • Trevor is a former military pilot, who, lets say, kinda crazy. A mentally unstable man, Trevor doesn't mind to get into fights. He was once a partner of Michael's, but the two had a falling-out. Trevor lives in a dumb trailer in the middle of the desert. He's the one who deals with guns and drug in the "redneck areas" of the game.
  • Franklin, the youngest of the three protagonists, is an ambitious small-time repo man who wants to become a powerful criminal, but since the "glory days" of the "gang banging" has long passed, he finds it a difficult goal.
  • Michael's story will include at least three major characters: his wife, Amanda, his son, Jimmy, and his daughter, Tracy. He has shacky relationships with the all three.
    • Amanda has spending all of Michael's money, and this is the reason why he return to crime life.
    • Jimmy is in his early 20s and is a lazy "pot smoker".
    • Tracy is in her late teens, and has a boyfriend who is disliked by mother.
  • Trevor's story includes at least two major characters: Ron, a paranoid conspiracy theorist living next to Trevor, and Brad, an old friend arrested by the FIB and taken to prison. At one point, Trvor decides to make a deal with the agency in return for Brad's release.
  • Franklin's story is about him and a bunch of "crazy friends", including Lamar, who would mainly serve as a comic relief. Frank also has a yet-to-named girlfriend/sister, who is disappointed because of his job and goal.
  • Michael meets Franklin when the latter asked him about the location of one of his tragets (cars, not human beings).
  • Franklin is introduced to Trevor by Michael, although Trevor doesn't seem to to care about them. Frank is introduced as "the son [Michael] alsways wanted", while Trevor is introduced as "[Michael's] best friend".
  • All three are participated in several "The Job"/"Three Leaf Clover" missions.
  • Likewise there will be a mission where they gonna attack a Goddamned CIA (IAA in the game) HQ building.
  • An MC gang, possibly The Lost Brotherhood, will appear.
  • Money is a major theme of the game.
  • Some charactrs from the GTA4 trilogy will make a re-appearance. Main guys like Niko or Packie won't appear, but minor ones will make several cameos.


  • Improved face animations and character models.
  • Realistic environment. Slight improvement over last year's Max Payne 3.
  • Detailed sea environment.

Soundtrack and Voice-acting

  • Michael is speculated to be voiced by Ned Luke.
  • The music heard in the teaser trailer (aka trailer #1) is Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake by Small Faces.
  • The music used in the second trailer was Skeletons by Stevie Wonder.
  • There will be music scores during missions, similar to those in RDR and MP3.


  • The largest collection of vehicles ever seen in a GTA game yet, including sedans, sports cars, helicopters, buggies, boats, sub-marines, planes, motorcycles and bikes.
  • Diving is back! And is far more advanced than the one in GTA SA.
  • Animal interactions.
    • Confirmed animals, seen in screenshots and videos, are dogs and sharks.
  • The game includes random encounters, just like those from previous titles like GTA IV, GTA CW and RDR. Currently, only one random character has been revealed: some crazy cult leader, possibly Epsilon Program.
  • Apparently there is some weapon customization.
  • AK-47, Micro SMG and Glock-like pistol confirmed, as seen in screenshots.
  • Molotov Cocktails will leave trails of fire after being thrown.
  • Destructible buildings... and trains...
  • Improved melee combat. Players can use environment in the combat, like crushing a man's head onto a table.
  • Side activities include golf and tennis, and much more.
  • You cannot purchase assests or safehouses.
  • Players can change clothes.
  • The game's in-game phone is an iFruit, a joke on Apple's iPhone.
  • Improved AI.
  • The player can switch between the three protagonists, via a 'Google Earth'-like map.
    • If the player meets another protagonist, he will be AI controlled, and may continue with his personal life or even commit a crime.
  • Parachutes.
  • San Andreas' body building mechanic won't return. Same goes for other personal customizations.

Lasting Apeal/Misc.

"As for the length of the game, Rockstar said that the main story alone lasts about the same as Red Dead Redemption. So about 25-30 hours. But there will be a HUGE amount of secondary things to do... Btw, it will last less than the one in GTA IV with Nico because they know that a lot of people didn't finish the story because it was too long."
  • Game's length is about (unfortunely) the same as Red Dead Redemption, which had about 60 missions. The game's rather "short" length has been decided by the Houser brothers after several players criticized GTA IV and SA for having 90+ missions, to which I say BOLLOCKS.
  • There are dozens os side-missions and activities, including different sports (tennis, golf), vehicle theft from a MOVING TRAILER TRUCK, professional diving and parachuting.
  • Multiplayer's back and at large.
    • Players can bring "crews" from Max Payne 3 to GTAV and continue playing with the same team.
    • Rockstar has said this will be the best multiplayer it ever delivered.
  • There will be multiple endings. (fuck...)

Editor's notes

  • Information on GTA 5 you can find here and here.
  • This page will updated over time with every piece of information R* will release over the next few months.