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  • RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    GTA V mod idea

    October 11, 2014 by RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    I designed a mod for Grand Theft Auto V for the PC. Similar to the World Trade Center mod for Grand Theft Auto IV, this mod i designed (artistically, not virtually designed for the game yet). It is called Rockstar Center. This mod includes the following structural building names:

    On R* Platform

    • Rockstar Games Headquarters (1 Rockstar/ Tower 1)
    • Rockstar North Headquarters (2 Rockstar/Tower 2)
    • Rockstar Leeds office building (3 Rockstar)
    • Rockstar San Diego office building (4 Rockstar)

    Off R* Platform

    • Rockstar Toronto office building (5 Rockstar)
    • Rockstar Lincoln office building (6 Rockstar)
    • Rockstar Vancouver offive building (7 Rockstar)

    You probably thinking that this doesn't make any sence. It's a mod, you do anything.

    The on R* platform is where the …

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  • RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    You like to play GTA Online, right? Do you ever think of a cool idea and wish Rockstar Games could make it happen? Well you can share your idea on our Facebook page GTA Online Suggestions. Please check it out and like us! This is a new page and it's good to share your ideas! We pick the most popular and/or what seems really good to us and somehow (i don't think it's possible) send it to Rockstar.

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  • RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    Is anyone getting this? I have enough money to buy the Albany Roosevelt, but it keeps saying "Purchase Failed." And in small text below it, it says, "Sorry, you may not purchase a vehicle at this time. please try again later.". Did anyone succeed in buying it? It's not working for me and i hope it's not working for most people because i want Rockstar to fix this. 

    Or is it not wokring because it's avilable tomorrow? What's the problem here? I hope i'm not feeling like and idiot here.

    Oh also, cloud servers are failing. It won't auto save, and i just sold two of my cars for cash to buy this vehicle. I will not leave GTAO until it's fixed. Unless i NEED to leave GTAO for then to fix it.

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  • RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    This happens with most photos but not all. When i click on it, it says "Oops! This image is no longer available, but now that you're here, explore the GTA Wiki!". Is there a reason for this? it's making me mad!

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  • RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    I've recently gotten my own Laptop for Christmas, and for some reason, i cannot log into my Social Club account. The only way i can access my account is by using my mother's computer, and it just won't work on this. Do you guys have any clue? Please help. BTW, If i do find out why and the issue was as simple as that, i am going to feel really stupid.

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