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I designed a mod for Grand Theft Auto V for the PC. Similar to the World Trade Center mod for Grand Theft Auto IV, this mod i designed (artistically, not virtually designed for the game yet). It is called Rockstar Center. This mod includes the following structural building names:

On R* Platform

Off R* Platform

You probably thinking that this doesn't make any sence. It's a mod, you do anything.

The on R* platform is where the 4 main Rockstar Center buildings. The  FIB and IAA Headquarters are going to be removed for this mod to be put in place. I am designing the arts of how this will look. Someone who has had expiriences in creating such mods may help me out with virutally building the mod in some software program.

The idea

I came up with this idea when i edted the GTA V map and added my own structures where the FIB and IAA buildings where at. I showed a friend of mine on Facebook, and he suggested that it should become a mod. So i started designing the towers first. Check the gallery below to see what i have made so far.

After working on the artistic painting aspect of it, i made a virtual version of the towers in Roblox.

Features, height, and meaning

The towers feature an antenna on each one. One Rockstar has an orange antenna to represent its logo's color. Two Rockstar has a blue antenna to feature Rockstar North's logo color. They will both light up bright at night, and can be seen from Mt. Chiliad.

The tower's height will be below the Maze Bank Tower. However counting the antenna, it will be taller than the Maze Bank Tower.

Rockstar Center will be an icon to the game itself.


Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments. :)