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January 24, 2013
  • I live in with my mom...still.
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is creating levels on Happy Wheels by getting the idea from what i play.
  • I am a human being! What do you think i am? a dog? pphhtt....please!
  • RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    This is my gallery of photos that i took using the Snapmatic app on my in-game phone. There will be more to come (Never-ending)...

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  • RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    So I found a link to this video on Facebook and i was fucking shocked! I knew it was not going to be fake! IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SPOILERS, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO OR JUST LEAVE.

    This video features 2 unseen missions, along with some familiar lines that were heard in the trailers. This is Franklin gameplay only. No character switching is seen in the game. ENJOY! 

    If you had your chance to see it, then you're lucky! It you missed it, then i'm sorry. Too bad it was taken down. But don't be upset! It's coming out in a couple days. I don't really think it was nessesary for it to be removed because the game comes out this Tuesday.

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  • RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    This has been happening a lot to me and always will happen! I've been having a lot of trouble with Multiplayer invitations on GTA IV and it's DLC. e.g. when I receive an invitation from a friend and I accept it and wait for the loading screen to go by, a message will come up saying that the session no longer exists. No matter how many times my friend sends the invitation. Another problem is that when I want to send an invitation to a friend, like usual I go into my phone > friends, and it shows the list of friends. But  sometimes when a friend IS playing, the IV logo is not next to his/her username. It will also say that he/she is offline even when he/she is not. Is there any reason for this to happen? I really need to know why! Does this …

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  • RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    So if any of you guys seen this really creative video. Showing the right timing of mission appearences, from the GTA IV introduction, to Jerry Kapowitz holding that diamond. You must check this out. It's one hour long, basically a movie, but truely amazing! Just to let you know i did not make this, i'm just showing it to all of you GTA fans.

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