aka Jake Burke

  • I live in Middle Park East, Algonquin
  • My occupation is N.O.O.S.E Operative
  • I am Male
  • RedBubba

    14/08/13 - #2

    Sorry for not blogging in a while, I've been responding to many calls in Liberty City online and offline. I'd say my most exciting one was a death defying shootout at Cluckin' Bell in Star Junction - I had to call for backup. Afterwards, I rewarded myself with some new attire from Modo, it's worth a visit. Now that the campaign is done, I have been going on multiplayer more, the car chases are legendary.

    I don't mind the modders, I thing people over-exaggerate their social status. Although, never under estimate their capabilities. For example: I playfully shot the modder with an Uzi and he took control of my vehicle and sent me to space. I think we're bro's now.

    In more recent events, I tried to safely land a burning 'chopper in …

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  • RedBubba

    10/08/13 - Starter

    Now that I've finally completed Grand Theft Auto IV, I really feel free with endless possibilities online and offline. The fact that I'm still free to roam around Liberty City really gains my favour, as well as the acceptable side missions, As of today, I'm currently tracing unique vehicles such as the N.O.O.S.E Cruiser and the Laundromat Van - They're pretty good to look at and will make fine specimens to drive.

    In a sense of weapons, I prefer the poor classes. They represent simplicity and still enable the possibility to kill, if you're wondering - Yes, I use cheats. They make gameplay managable. In all honestly, the AK-47 is my favourite weapon, the rapid fire shots and large magazines create an oppuntunity for multi-kills. I…

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