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GTA IV - My tales within' Town.

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GTA IV - My tales within' Town.

10/08/13 - Starter

Now that I've finally completed Grand Theft Auto IV, I really feel free with endless possibilities online and offline. The fact that I'm still free to roam around Liberty City really gains my favour, as well as the acceptable side missions, As of today, I'm currently tracing unique vehicles such as the N.O.O.S.E Cruiser and the Laundromat Van - They're pretty good to look at and will make fine specimens to drive.

In a sense of weapons, I prefer the poor classes. They represent simplicity and still enable the possibility to kill, if you're wondering - Yes, I use cheats. They make gameplay managable. In all honestly, the AK-47 is my favourite weapon, the rapid fire shots and large magazines create an oppuntunity for multi-kills. I can't really go anywhere safely without my weapons all fitted into my Tardis-like pockets.

Socially, Roman and Dwayne are my closest friends. Romans attitude and amusing messages on GTA IV instantly gain my favour, not to mention Dwayne's loyalty and trust, one of the perks that I really like about Dwayne is that if you befriend him, you can possess the ability to call in two thuggish looking, armed friendlies to assist you in your endeavours within Liberty for ten to fifteen minutes max.

Closing todays entry, I'm writing about the combat system. Reticule health and Lock-on abilites make gaming more helpful and easier to plan, for example:

  • Weapons
  • Cover
  • Vehicles

These three things are good to know incase of a Star Wanted emergency. If I am going to create a massacre, I need some place with one exit that I can keep guard, such as the Cluckin' Bell or Schottler Hospital. By only needing to cover one-way, I can focus all my weapons upon it.

Thanks for Reading.

- RedBubba ( Jake )

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