After installing GTA V on the PS3, an update had to be downloaded. We have high speed internet so it didn't take that long, the hard part was waiting till the cloud servers could complete the request. This game had been widely anticipated and the first few days after its release saw the servers hosting the patch overwhelmed with eager players rushing to play the game. What annoyed me the most was the fact that online play was NOT available. GTA V, to my mind, was not ready to be released simply because all of its function were not working. There seems to be an attitude/approach common with some companies, especially those in the tech sector, that consumers are willing to use defective products because there are "fanboys" of that product.  Having seen many cases of vapour ware and missed shipping dates for products  throughout the years, I was not amused. After about a week or so, Rockstar Games had the online portion of the game up and running and that was when I started playing GTA V.

My daughter and I shared a console between us, I like to play online games and she prefers the story mode. She would play online more often except for the fact that women are harrassed, targeted, stalked  and subjected to all kinds of crap online by other, almost allways, males gamers.

Stay tuned.