Finally broke down and bought a gaming system. Picked the PS4 for two reasons, one, it was on sale and, two, I could transfer my PS3 gaming character into a PS4 game.

To my great annoyance, throughout the years, gaming software companies don't have this feature. When I played a game I would achive ranks, rewards and experience in that game but when a new version of that game was released, I would have to start all over at the bottom. The PS4 overcomes some of this as long as you transfer your character from a PS3 or other Sony System, it doesn't work if you try to transfer a character from xbox systems.

Reminds me of the railroad barons in the USA in the late 19th century, they had differnent track guages so that other companies rolling stock, trains, fright cars, would not fit. It meant you had to use their equipment and pay their price for shipping goods on their railway. Sony et al want you to use their content on their system and no other gaming system.

Fair enough I suppose,... going back to the railroad analogy, eventually all of the railroads ended up with the same gauge tracks, just like private airports gave way to public terminals. Sooner or later, the ability to move characters seamlessly between systems will happen because it is in the best interest on the producer AND the consumer