• Robbo6

    My GTA 5 Wishlist

    May 2, 2011 by Robbo6
    1. Be set in the whole of the GTA universe USA in the present day.

    - This would include updated versions of previous cities, e.g: Vice City, Liberty City and the whole state of San Andreas.

    - Add new cities such as fictional versions of Chicago or Washington D.C.

    - Have the ability to travel to any of these cities and have the storyline include all of them.

    2. Have a more customisable character.

    - Before you start the storyline have the ability to create a character from scratch. So you can determine age, gender, race, height, weight etc.

    - Bring back tattoos and hairstle changes. And have the ability to change this throughout the story.

    - Reintroduce the ability to gain/lose muscle and weight by going to the gym and eating more/less.

    3. More transport…

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