1. Be set in the whole of the GTA universe USA in the present day.

- This would include updated versions of previous cities, e.g: Vice City, Liberty City and the whole state of San Andreas.

- Add new cities such as fictional versions of Chicago or Washington D.C.

- Have the ability to travel to any of these cities and have the storyline include all of them.

2. Have a more customisable character.

- Before you start the storyline have the ability to create a character from scratch. So you can determine age, gender, race, height, weight etc.

- Bring back tattoos and hairstle changes. And have the ability to change this throughout the story.

- Reintroduce the ability to gain/lose muscle and weight by going to the gym and eating more/less.

3. More transport options.

- Bring back planes and pilot training.

- Include more plane and helicopter models.

4. A more destructible environment.

- Have cars go through building walls if you drive fast enough.

- If a big enough explosion occurs smaller buildings could collapse. (excluding skyscrapers to avoid 9/11 controversy.)

5. Have some of the storyline in a prison.

- During a mission the player would be captured by police (mandatory) and sent to prison.

- The aim in prison would be to make allies and fight gangs. All culminating with a large prison escape mission after which the player can resume with the previous storyline.

6. Have more missions with choices.

- Have more missions such as the Holland Play and the Deal/Revenge storyline in GTA IV where the player has to make choices which affect the overall plot.

- Have multiple endings possible by making choices such as Deal/Revenge endings in GTA IV. This will make people want to keep playing to complete every possible storyline.

7. Have a more diverse weather system.

- Include seasons, e.g Winter there is snow and ice so driving on the roads is more treacherous. In Fall there could be lots of leaves on the ground and blowing around.

- Pedestrians and NPCs change their clothing and comments according to the weather.

- The storyline takes place over a year such as in Bully to accomodate the different seasons.