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Rickomarow September 6, 2013 User blog:Rickomarow


I saw some things about GTA V that I didn't understand very well...

So, can you guys awnser the following questions?

Question 1: Since there are two candidates in the game, Jock Cranley and Sue Murry, both trying to be the governor of San Andreas, does that mean that we are going to need to vote for one of them? If yes, will it change the city completely, depending for who we vote for?

Question 2: Can we rob banks and liquor stores while not doing missions? Or the heists ONLY takes place in missions?

Question 3: Is Friendly Fire enabled? Can we shoot our own friends?

Question 4: Can we customize our outfits and masks for each heist?

Question 5: Is there going to be gore?

So...these are the questions...can you guys awnser them?

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