WOOHOO. I FINALLY (about 3 years late) got GTA IV: The Complete Edition. Man it is awesome. That's GTA IV, GTA TBoGT and GTA TLAD. Awesome dude. Now I can start editing pages on GTA IV and its DLC's way more accurately. Out of the three though I'd have to say TBoGT is the best but I'm already stuck on the mssion where you throw sticky grenades at the bloody bikers tryin to steal my diamonds. bastards. At the moment in IV i'm up to Playboy X and Dwayne's first few missions in Algonquin. TLAD I'm stuck on the mssion with Niko and Playboy X in the drug deal that gets busted. When I park my car out the front of the building at the start it somehow disappears when I leave the apartment leaving myself to be shot to a billion pieces by the rozzers waiting out the front for me. All up though i absolutely love these games and I may have no life what so ever for the next couple of weeks