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GTA Comics Episode 2

The Platypus

Niko Belic: I'm sure suprised that we made it on here aren't you

Johnny Kelebitz: NO!

Niko Belic: OK GOD!

Niko Belic: I remember when my cousin went on here it took 40 days to get to Liberty City

Johnny Kelebitz: Meet Super Mysterious

Super Mysterious: Hey can't wait to get to LC I'm a taxi driver by the way I ain't really old that's what Xbox Live made me look like.

Niko Belic: Add me

Johnny Kelebitz: & me

45 days later

All: finally were here

Luiz Lopez: Put your hands up! I got a BUZZARD this time!!!!!

LCPD: Yeah put your hands up terrorists!

Captain: Let them go ******* (DIED) along with Crew & Super Mysterious

Niko Belic: No  (throws a frag gernage) at BUZZARD



The End

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