The Big Bosnian War

Before Roman Belic got to the U.S. they're was dangerous wars Niko Belic however decided to stay with Mom Belic & Dad Belic

Dad Belic: Niko you have to fight in this war!

Niko had a pistol so he used it & killed lots of people with Dimitri he had an AK-47 & Darko Brevic had a Sniper Rifle & Faust had a Sub Machine Gun & in surprise Johnny Kelebitz joined with a sawn off shotgun then Dimitri Darko & Faust sold the group for $1000 in surprise then Johnny Kelebitz left & Darko hired Luiz Lopez to kill them he is in a APC & the 2 are both on bikes & Darko, Dimitri, & Faust are in APC's they're's 4 of them Johnny jumps on 1 & takes it & blows up the other.

Niko Belic: Good Job

Johnny Kelebitz: Thanks

They then agree to work together & Niko goes on the Platypus to Liberty City