The Gang War part 3

Malorie: Get Roman at the Warehouse close by

Niko: What oh yeah I never mentioned the name of my cousion to him

AOD: it's Niko how

Niko Kills Russians & Johnny shoots him on accident where he falls through glass windows Johnny uses an Anniolator to catch him Niko is safe Johnny drives to last window Niko shoots final guy & steals an Automatic Pistol & rescues Roman Johnny appoligizes to Roman


Luiz Lopez **** they have an Anniolator

Anniolator dodges rocket Yusof & Luiz jump out when it gets shot & they parachute to Happiness Island AOD members die

Dimitri back in his warehouse **** your *** FAUST! Kills & betrays him Darko Brevic goes away from everyone he knows in LC

The End