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S0UND3FX69 September 16, 2013 User blog:S0UND3FX69

If you want to join this is the link The cool thing about my crew is that you can kill anyone you want but killing me will get you a 30% chance of me if you're a Muscle you would not be allowed in the crew etc. This crew is for Xbox 360 only. I have RDR, GTA IV, GTA TLAD, GTA TBOGT, & tommorow I will get GTA V. Also temporary deal first 2 people to join the crew gets to be my left & right hand man which means you automatically get the highest rank in the Hierichy or what that thing is for GTA V. But if you're not good enough those 2 positions will open up for 2 others. Also i'm going to be pretty fair with the money sharing. Depending on how good you are I will give you more money for aiding in a job.

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