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  • S0UND3FX69

    GTA episode 4 part 3

    April 18, 2013 by S0UND3FX69

    The Gang War part 3

    Malorie: Get Roman at the Warehouse close by

    Niko: What oh yeah I never mentioned the name of my cousion to him

    AOD: it's Niko how

    Niko Kills Russians & Johnny shoots him on accident where he falls through glass windows Johnny uses an Anniolator to catch him Niko is safe Johnny drives to last window Niko shoots final guy & steals an Automatic Pistol & rescues Roman Johnny appoligizes to Roman


    Luiz Lopez **** they have an Anniolator

    Anniolator dodges rocket Yusof & Luiz jump out when it gets shot & they parachute to Happiness Island AOD members die

    Dimitri back in his warehouse **** your *** FAUST! Kills & betrays him Darko Brevic goes away from everyone he knows in LC

    The End

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  • S0UND3FX69

    GTA episode 4 part 2

    April 18, 2013 by S0UND3FX69

    The Gang War part 2

    Russians: We got your *****

    Dimitri: I got a deal for Johnny Kelebitz only

    Johnny: What is it?

    Dimitri: (whispers) I want you to kidnap a guy named Roman Belic if you do that i'll let your friend go

    Johnny: I accept

    Roman Belic borrowed $1000 bucks

    Johnny: you get in the car!

    Roman: OK I WILL

    Drives to warehouse Roman trys to get out Johnny threatens him & he gets there & gives him to Faust

    Faust: HAHAHAHAHA!

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  • S0UND3FX69

    GTA episode 4 part 1

    April 18, 2013 by S0UND3FX69

    The Gang War part 1

    Niko Belic & Johnny Kelebitz: AGH!

    Luiz Lopez: You **** bastards! Get away from us.

    Niko: Not likely

    AOD: lets charge

    Luiz: yeah

    Johnny shoots back wheel of Luiz's bike it explodes on him but he used his airbag & flew away

    AOD: **** yo dem ***!

    Niko shoots one in head & causes all bikes to explode except him Dimitri Captures them both

    To Be Continued

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  • S0UND3FX69

    GTA Comics episode 3

    April 18, 2013 by S0UND3FX69

    Lost MC

    Johnny Kelebitz: Welcome to what we call home

    Niko Belic: Nice

    Johnny: I know right

    Niko: Yeah

    Johnny: were going to cause a gang war at the AOD clubhouse & it's junky

    They both get on a bike to the place

    AOD: Stop!

    They shoot off both tires & they crash

    To Be Continued

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  • S0UND3FX69

    GTA Comics Episode 2

    April 17, 2013 by S0UND3FX69

    The Platypus

    Niko Belic: I'm sure suprised that we made it on here aren't you

    Johnny Kelebitz: NO!

    Niko Belic: OK GOD!

    Niko Belic: I remember when my cousin went on here it took 40 days to get to Liberty City

    Johnny Kelebitz: Meet Super Mysterious

    Super Mysterious: Hey can't wait to get to LC I'm a taxi driver by the way I ain't really old that's what Xbox Live made me look like.

    Niko Belic: Add me

    Johnny Kelebitz: & me

    45 days later

    All: finally were here

    Luiz Lopez: Put your hands up! I got a BUZZARD this time!!!!!

    LCPD: Yeah put your hands up terrorists!

    Captain: Let them go ******* (DIED) along with Crew & Super Mysterious

    Niko Belic: No  (throws a frag gernage) at BUZZARD


    LCPD: AGH!

    The End

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