Hey Everyone,

So, my brother and I have always been long-time fans of the 'Grand Theft Auto' series. My brother, who is older then me, was with Rockstar since the beginning and I began to become interested in them during the production of GTAIII. So, recently I saw an artical on the Internet saying GTAV would be released on Next-Gen.

I told my brother and he was super excited. So excited that he sold his PS3. Yeah, I'm planning on keeping my PS3 but my brother sold his PS3 since he didn't think he'd need it anymore. The main reason he sold his PS3 is because, well, to get money-- but, I also think he sold it since he decided to get GTAV on PS4!

But, recently I've come across a ton of stuff on the internet saying that GTAV is not coming to Next-Gen. I looked around and I found out that there is so many articals saying it is, so many articals saying it isn't, and even some articals saying it's just coming to PS4 or XBone. Heck, I even saw an artical saying it was exclusive to WiiU! 


So, my question is; Has there actually been confirmation by Rockstar themselves?

I mean, it'd be really sad it they announced it wasn't coming to Next-Gen. I mean, GTAV is their new baby, their new game that is going to be amazing. Why limit it to the PS3 and Xbox 360 who are at the end of their time? So, I just wanted to put that out there because I'd hate to break the news to my brother that his favourite game is coming to a console he just sold. :\

I'll also put a 'Poll' in to see what you want!


Do You Want GTAV To Come To Next-Gen?

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