Hi, im Dave, I had a series of weird stories during year 2004/2013. Three guys named Trevor Philips, Michael De Santa (Townley Formelry) and Franklin Clinton are trying to kill me for 9 years, and this is where it all began...

"GET ON THE FLOOR, NOW!" Sayed moustacho guy when he entered bank in North Yankton. A middle aged guy entered knocked woman on the ground then guy with blonde hair, he is dead today he was called Brad. Then they got us in a room and someone sayed "It´s all set! Phone it in!" I knew it was and C4 or something like that, then we heard just big BOOM and I dont remember more because somebody gave me fist and I woke up in hospital.

Nine years later...

"Go anywhere, just dont stop!!!" said Dave to taxi driver when Trevor was after him. "He is almost there, PEDAL TO THE METAL!!" and then taxi disappeared over the streets. Dave was heading home, when he finally arrived he paid 100 dollars to cab driver. When he was home wife and kids were not anywhere just a letter on old dirty paper, saying "We have abducted your family pay us 8 000 000 dollars or we will cut their throats, if you are too much courageous try it against us. Dont call the feds. Or we will kill all your kids and rape your wife. You have only 3 days to decide. Goodbye. Michael." Dave said "Well, lets head to Ammunation and deal with them, I can´t let them kill my family" Dave then phoned some of his friends if they will help him, they were saying they were help as much as they can, then Dave called his wife, Franklin picked up "What do you want? We will not free ´em!" Dave replied fastly "Can you give me my wife and kids?" "If you want so. Why not?" wife was saying something, but from the cry Dave didnt recognized what she was saying "What, Michelle! Stop crying and repeat!" "Help us, PLEASE! They have took Martin somewhere!" "Where?! Where is he?! If they will kill Martin I will make them suffer!" "I have to go, Dave, please, save us!" then she hanged up. 

Next day...

2 Days left...

Dave headed to Ammunation next morning "Can you please help me, I need good weapons, three famous criminals have abducted my family." Dave said "Oh good guns, eh? Well I can recommend this Carbine Rifle there, good damage, fast rate of fire and 3 clips are for free, and hey dont tell this to anoyne, it to you fully modified and with 8 clips, I know who are you going after, good luck with family!" Dave then leaved with no sound in his feet he headed over warehouse where his friends were, they were planning it all day long

3 hours later

"Yeah, well that should work." Dave said "Okay, lets get to action!"

Half of a hour later

"Okay, guys we ready?" "A little scared but hey, we have got the guns!" Tom said, then the trio was heading into the building, after really big shotout with goons Dave got shot to arm, Tom decided to stay with him and Bob was going after family when he found them he took them to Dave and headed back for Martin, he found him at really bad condition but still alive, and that was main. When he took him to Dave, the family was safe again and they got into car.

At night.

"Cheers!" the trio sayed at the same time when they have poured a drink of Rum to them. Dave´s arm still hurt but he was felling allright, back at home with his family "Well guys, I think I owe you one!" "Thanks for it, guys!" Dave said very loudly. "No. No. We dont want anything from you, it was a pleasure!" Bob said. Then they watched a movie at the very new TV. When the ads played it got interrupted "Special report from old Industrial Building. Very big shotout was happening here today when 3 males tried to save a family from 3 famous criminals. 38 dead bodies found everywhere around the building". "Hmm, I think they know about us." "Well, they should be thankfull instead of..." "Shut up its important!!", Tom interupted him. "We also found out that one of the goons was a movie celebrity that almost died---" Reporter stopped from some reason.. He got knocked on the ground! "Hello. This is Franklin Clinton, im in the warehouse. Trevor and Michael are around your house, Dave, get out or stay inside and die. We got grenades you got nowhere to hide. You got 120 seconds to decide" "GET THE GUNS EVERYBODY!!" Dave said, even when his arm was hurt, he thought sniping from the roof should be easy.

60 seconds later, 1 minute left.

Dave got on the roof and signaled Tom and Bob, they got somewhere around the garden, hiding in the bushes shot they criminals car, they were lucky! It exploded and knocked them somewhere. They heard just very loudly "AAAAAH!!!" "Bob, high five?" "Yeah!" "Wait, you hear that?" "What, its quiet?" It was Dave, he fell off the roof when he was shooting, because of his arm he didnt had any chance to control the slide. "Oh my god! Its Dave!"

Some time later, at the hospital...

"We will have to get you on the rendgen, it wont hurt, just dont look straight to the laser ok? Doctor just said but it took a few seconds to get to Dave because his ears were hurt since the explosion of the criminals car. "Yeah, s..sure"

Meanwhile... At the warehouse

"What do you mean they not dead? Half of the freakin country knows where Im! You had to kill them, and what about Trevor?" "Chill F, our car exploded but we survived, Trevor just flied away billion meters and broke his head, he will be fine, And yeah, you should clear out of the warehouse, Its the cops, got to go!" Micheal hung up. Franklin heard some sirens and tried to escape, but NOoSE already got him sorrounded so he had to surrender to them, Trevor was stuck in prison hostpital because Michael left him out there, Micheal now has to deal with the trio, but he cant do it alone.

Some days later, Alderney, Liberty City

Niko was hungry so he came to buy some food and saw a person in a Topaz suit, he came wery suspicious to him, but just walked away like nothing happened, when he finnaly got to the store he saw him again, he thought about teaching him a lesson would be enough to leave him alone but there was a cop right next to the man in the topaz suit,and that spoiled his idea