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  • Sammyrock0087

    Hey guys.

    So I am a little late on this and it's probably already been addressed/posted, but I would just like to state that the quality control on the Heist Update is, quite frankly, f**king abismal. I have talked to several PS3, PS4, 360 and Xbone users alike and they are all encountering these problems (I am a PS3 user myself). I will try to list as many as I have seen/experienced as follows:

    1. The new Vehicles and Weapons are completely absent from Story Mode, even though they clearly should be there, since I got a message saying "New vehicles have been added to your garage, hangar and helipad properties" when I booted up Singleplayer. Eager to try out the Kuruma, Hydra, Savage and Valkyrie, I raced to the respective properties, and non…

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  • Sammyrock0087

    Me again,

    Here are my ideas for general brands in the GTA Universe, they're mainly clothes brands but there are other things as well. It's quite random to be honest haha.

    Caniass - Adidas

    Bannister Surf Co. - Hollister Surf Co.

    Topguy/Topstore - Topman/Topshop

    Mummy State - Nanny State

    Bolton - Burton

    Megadry - Superdry

    Shredwurl - Rip Curl

    Beast Energy - Monster Energy

    Beast Shredder - Monster Ripper/M-80

    Beast Attack - Monster Assault

    Beast Havoc - Monster Khaos

    Beast Lo Fat - Monster Lo Carb

    Beast Twist - Monster Mixxd

    Mad Cow Energy - Red Bull Energy

    Restless Energy - Relentless Energy

    Superstar Energy - Rockstar Energy

    Playship 3 - Playstation 3

    Exsorbeo 720 - Xbox 360

    Gilbert La Paige - Gibson Les Paul

    Gilbert EG - Gibson SG

    Gilbert SB - Gibson EB

    Gilbert …

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  • Sammyrock0087

    Hello again!

    I was sat thinking about GTA 5 some more and I started brainstorming ideas for some DLC songs/radio stations that could be incorporated into future updates or Storyline DLC. As with my vehicle ideas, feel free to add your own ideas in the comments and I'll add them to my list and credit you :)

    Note: I'd apprciate it if you also checked out my first "DLC Idea" blog (before the Vehicle Ideas one), it's got a huge idea for storyline DLC and also would fit well with these new songs and radio stations I'm suggesting :P

    Another Note: Again, radio stations with 3 asterics "***" are radio stations that I made up. (It's pretty obvious which one I've put the most work into)

    Non-Stop Pop FM

    Stacey Q - Two of Hearts

    Tears For Fears - Everybody …

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  • Sammyrock0087

    Hey :)

    I'm sure no one will even read this, because it's just my own imagination and it could get quite extensive, (I'm bored out of my mind, don't judge me...) But here are my vehicle ideas that could appear as DLC or in future GTA games. (They don't all have to actually appear in the games, they're just vehicles that I like to think would exist within the GTA universe). I've also listed cars that already exist, to kind of complete the manufacturers line up. These could also give Rockstar vehicle ideas for names and things to base them off.

    Note: Companies with three asterics "***" are companies that I made up.

    Dinka (Honda)

    Dinka Tanegra Sport-X - Honda Integra Type-R

    Dinka R600 - Honda S2000

    Dinka Blista Sport-X - Honda Civic Type-R

    Dinka Blis…

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  • Sammyrock0087

    DLC Ideas for GTA V

    January 27, 2014 by Sammyrock0087

    Hey guys :) I know I'm not a very... 'relevant' member of this wiki because I don't edit much, but if you could give this a quick read I'd appreciate it :)

    Here's my DLC idea: Rockstar should drop monthly/regular small DLC's such as new vehicles, jobs and things to do etc. Perhaps bring back some old GTA vehicles like the ZR-350 (RX-7), Turismo (F360), Hydra Jet (Harrier), Hunter Helicopter (Apache) etc. and then every 1/2 year to a year they drop a huge DLC. The first big DLC should be San Fierro with a whole new story with 3 more protagonists, new vehicles, things to do etc. (Character ideas: a young BMXer in his early 20's, a 30 year old gay guy and a manly ex-army feminist woman). The second big DLC should be Las Venturas with another 3…

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