Hey guys :) I know I'm not a very... 'relevant' member of this wiki because I don't edit much, but if you could give this a quick read I'd appreciate it :)

Here's my DLC idea: Rockstar should drop monthly/regular small DLC's such as new vehicles, jobs and things to do etc. Perhaps bring back some old GTA vehicles like the ZR-350 (RX-7), Turismo (F360), Hydra Jet (Harrier), Hunter Helicopter (Apache) etc. and then every 1/2 year to a year they drop a huge DLC. The first big DLC should be San Fierro with a whole new story with 3 more protagonists, new vehicles, things to do etc. (Character ideas: a young BMXer in his early 20's, a 30 year old gay guy and a manly ex-army feminist woman). The second big DLC should be Las Venturas with another 3 protagonists, new vehicles, things to do etc. (Character ideas: An Angels of Death MC Biker, an ex convict who just got out, and a gambling and drug addict). Then third possibly North Yankton (though I don't really care for North Yankton tbh), then finally the last one, which is a huge RDR:UN style zombie (or alien?) outbreak across Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas and North Yankton, which incorporates all of the protagonists from every DLC and the original game, as their stories all cross paths, leading them to meet each other and fight for survival together. That would make one awesome DLC experience in total :)

Cheers :) leave a comment to tell me what you think!