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Me again,

Here are my ideas for general brands in the GTA Universe, they're mainly clothes brands but there are other things as well. It's quite random to be honest haha.

Caniass - Adidas

Bannister Surf Co. - Hollister Surf Co.

Topguy/Topstore - Topman/Topshop

Mummy State - Nanny State

Bolton - Burton

Megadry - Superdry

Shredwurl - Rip Curl

Beast Energy - Monster Energy

Beast Shredder - Monster Ripper/M-80

Beast Attack - Monster Assault

Beast Havoc - Monster Khaos

Beast Lo Fat - Monster Lo Carb

Beast Twist - Monster Mixxd

Mad Cow Energy - Red Bull Energy

Restless Energy - Relentless Energy

Superstar Energy - Rockstar Energy

Playship 3 - Playstation 3

Exsorbeo 720 - Xbox 360

Gilbert La Paige - Gibson Les Paul

Gilbert EG - Gibson SG

Gilbert SB - Gibson EB

Gilbert Traveller - Gibson Explorer

Gilbert Phoenix - Gibson Firebird

Gilbert V Soarer - Gibson Flying V

KB Skate Co. - DC Shoes

One Way - Route One

Box Amps - Crate Amps

Topaz Footwear - Supra Footwear

Trucks - Vans