Betty Lou Willdonswich is a possible girlfriend for Carl Johnson.

Betty Lou lives in a small house in Fort Carson near the police station and meets Carl at Greenglass College talking to another man. She prefers Carl to have high stamina and high muscle. She is the athleticism professor of the college and the coach of the Greenglass College Athleticism Team. She is normally home between 02:00-08:00 and sometimes between 20:00-23:00.

BLW's House

Betty Lou's House

Date Types

Food Date

Betty Lou prefers to go to diners, because is the only place where she can to order healthy food.

Club Date

Carl can take Betty Lou to either the club in Idlewood, Los Santos (Alhambra) or Queens, San Fierro (Gaydar Station). To impress Betty Lou with dancing, the player must score over 4500 points.

Drive Date

Betty Lou likes Carl to drive around the beach (Verona Beach or Santa Maria Beach) or in mountain areas (such as Mount Chiliad or Los Santos Observatory) with some speed, but not much.


Betty Lou will ask Carl in for coffee when their relationship gets to 60%.


  • for dating: -2% increasing fat at the fast foods with Betty Lou's healtly program
  • for 50% relationship: keys of her Clover
  • for 100% relationship: Athletism Suit


  • "You need to eat healthy and playing more sport. You're really lazy." (if Carl doesn't have high muscle and stamina)
  • "You look a great sportsman, really? I'm Betty Lou. Would you like to go out together?" (if Carl have high stamina and muscle)
  • "Hi Carl! You went to gym?" (when Carl starts a date with Betty Lou)
  • "It's a fantastic area here! I like it." (when Betty Lou likes the area)
  • "I hate this area! I don't like areas such as this." (when Betty Lou doesn't like the area)
  • "It was a fantastic day, but I need to return to home." (when Betty Lou liked the food date)
  • "I lost time with you, CJ! Better I was home." (when Betty Lou doesn't like the food date)
  • "See you soon, my champion!" (when Betty Lou liked the date)
  • "You don't know how treat a woman!" (when Betty Lou doesn't like the date)

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