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    August 3, 2014 by SlenderDev

    I'm thinking that Grand Theft Auto 6 might take place in Vice City. If you look at the orders of the games in both universes by year you can see this:

    • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories takes place in Vice City in 1984
    • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City also takes place in Vice City, but in 1986
    • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas takes place in San Andreas in 1992
    • Liberty City Stories, Advance, and Grand Theft Auto III takes place in Liberty City between 1998 and 2001

    • Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony, and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars takes place in Liberty City between 2008 and 2009
    • Grand Theft Auto V takes place in San Andreas in 2013, even though the prologue is in 2004

    In case you missed it, The HD Universe is a backw…

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  • SlenderDev

    Hey, everyone I just wanted to get your opinion on a question that is really popular in GTA now days: Is Niko from GTA IV dead or alive? In The Paleto Score, I noticed that as I was driving to the bank, Packie mentions Niko and the bank robbery. Here's a part I found strange, Packie says that he was the hero, when in the mission it was really Niko who got them out of there and then says that Niko is dead. So what do you guys think happened to him?

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  • SlenderDev

    If a character from a past GTA game could return for the next game. Who would it be?

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  • SlenderDev

    Hardest GTA mission

    July 10, 2014 by SlenderDev

    What is the hardest mission you have ever played in any GTA game?

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