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  • Smurfynz

    There has been quite a bit of 2nd and 3rd hand information flying around over the last couple of days about Rockstar Games coming down hard on any users with modified versions of GTA V (primarily mentioning PC version but obviously applying to the console versions which have been modified too).

    The rumour: Online bans for Story Mode modifications.

    A few quoted sources I have seen:

    • This Youtube clip
    • This Attackofthefanboy article
    • This Youtube clip

    So, the EULA has been changed to align with what I would term a "standard no-reverse-engineering" clause.

    This isn't something we're likely to see an official Newswire announcement about, although there have been a couple in the last 18 months to announce their crack-downs on on-line modders.

    I've never b…

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  • Smurfynz

    256GB Corsair SSD 1TB Seagate SATAII 2x500GB Seagate  |optical = SATA Blu-ray ROM Lite-On 16x DVD+RW  |network = Netgear Wireless N On-Board Gigabit ethernet |display = 23" Philips 236V widescreen LED (1920x1080) 17" Philips 170B4 LCD (1280x1024) |speakers = Bose companion II Desktop speakers/Turtle Beach PX22 Headset |os = Win 7 Home Premium 64bit |comment = Runs GTA IV on maximum settings Runs GTA V PC on near-maximum settings at 25-30fps @ 1080p }}Well, after much struggling with Steam and disk space resulting in the complete loss of all my Steam apps and the repartitioning of a hard disk to support the space requirements, I finally got GTAV PC installed about 24 hours late. Not a GTA issue, so I'm not holding it against the game.

    My P…

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  • Smurfynz

    Right, so the Eighth Generation console version of GTA V is about to hit next month and a PC version in a couple more months... there are going to be differences in the game depending on what console generation is being used.

    How are we going to:

    1. Name the consoles.
    2. Handle this in the wiki articles.

    I'm still seeing a lot of mention of "Next Gen" and "Current Gen" which of course becomes redundant as soon as a new generation is released, next-gen now actually means the version coming after PS4 and XB0ne and has done for the last 12 months.

    We should be using 7th Gen (PS3/XB360) and 8th Gen (PS4 and XBone).

    We know that some 8th gen content will be exclusive and not be made available in DLC form for 7th gen. Perhaps there will even be content that i…

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