Right, so the Eighth Generation console version of GTA V is about to hit next month and a PC version in a couple more months... there are going to be differences in the game depending on what console generation is being used.

How are we going to:

  1. Name the consoles.
  2. Handle this in the wiki articles.

Naming convention

I'm still seeing a lot of mention of "Next Gen" and "Current Gen" which of course becomes redundant as soon as a new generation is released, next-gen now actually means the version coming after PS4 and XB0ne and has done for the last 12 months.

We should be using 7th Gen (PS3/XB360) and 8th Gen (PS4 and XBone).

Wiki Articles

We know that some 8th gen content will be exclusive and not be made available in DLC form for 7th gen. Perhaps there will even be content that is in 7th gen that will be removed from 8th gen.

Content that is only available in 8th Gen but wasn't present in 7th gen needs to be differentiated in wiki articles. Otherwise we are going to get edit wars coming out of our ears.

Tempates? Text formatting?